About us

We are a young innovative company specialized in UV-applications in agri- and horticulture. Since 2006 we supply custom made UV-solutions to growers all around the world. We are a flexible company and we will not back down from any challenge.

Nowadays 2017, we now have more than 3000 users in 26 countries worldwide. We regularly work with local partners/dealers to give our customers the best customer service possible. Our applications are designed to kill mold, viruses, and bacterias on crops, equipment, in water or in the air.

We always try to find a customized solution for each customer and try to offer the best possible solution for every logistic system. Thanks to the ongoing automation in the agri- and horticulture, the use of CleanLight technology becomes available for more and more companies.

Besides, the allowed fungicides and pesticides will become more limited for the horticulture and we offer them a solution which makes it possible to reduce the use of fungicides and pesticides by a lot. This also results in an increase of profit for our customers, by fighting diseases without the unnecessary use of chemicals and fewer growth inhibitors.


Arne Aiking

(E) aiking@cleanlight.nl
(T) + 31 6 21 57 46 57



David Symanzig

Key account manager
(E) david@cleanlight.nl
(T) + 31 6 13 56 35 75

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BioPartner Center

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