Sanitation of sesame seed without chemicals

UV Hoods In the last few months sesame seed has been an issue in the media. Organisms that may occasionally be found on sesame seed such as Listeria and E. coli are commonly controlled with effective chemicals such as Ethylene Oxide. However, Ethylene Oxide is...

Tackling stem rot in bell peppers with UV

Consumers leave bell peppers with rotting stems lying around. This makes stem rot a cost item that everyone in the pepper chain would like to see reduced. At the Sorting and Packing department of ZON fruit & vegetables in Venlo, all bell pepper stems have recently...

Damage to harvesting trolleys makes the grower opt for UV disinfection

With the current virus pressure, growers would like to disinfect their harvest trolleys properly. This is also the case with Brian Leenders of Van Gog Nurseries. However, he decided at the beginning of this year that things had to be different. The reason: damage to...

CleanLight also contributes to the fight against viruses

CleanLight in Honselersdijk is busy with production and shipping. Given the current slowdown in floriculture, this seems surprising. Director Arne Aiking explains why. "CleanLight systems have been used against diseases in horticulture since 2005. It often concerns...

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Since 2005 CleanLight supplies UV-c technology that applies a dosage of UV-c which disinfects, while still being safe for people and the environment.

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