Bejo Zaden (September 2017)

After 5 years Bejo Zaden chose to expand with the CleanLight crop protection application. Now they have a “pure” CleanLight Lightboom without spray nozzles.

Gebr. Pepping (August 2017)

Thomas and Jan Pepping have chosen for 6x CleanLight UV-units in their kettle installation to battle the spread of bacteria and fungi.

Maliepaard Bloembollen (June 2017)

Last season Maliepaard Bloembollen has succeeded in keeping his water Fusarium and TVX free. With a capacity of 600m3 water per hour.

Burger Tulpen (May 2017)

Jan Burger chose to place a CleanLight Tulpenkap on top of the processing line to counter the smear of Fusarium.

Kapiteyn Horticulture (June 2017)

Kapiteyn Horticulture treats his residual fluid with the CleanLight Oxidator, which makes it possible to reuse the water and discharge is not necessary.

Firma van Meer (June 2017)

Firma van Meer keeps the Fusarium spores load in the rinsing water low by means of The CleanLight Water Purifier XL.