CleanLight in Honselersdijk is busy with production and shipping. Given the current slowdown in floriculture, this seems surprising. Director Arne Aiking explains why.

“CleanLight systems have been used against diseases in horticulture since 2005. It often concerns fungal diseases such as Mildew, Botrytis, or Fusarium. But sometimes, this involves virus diseases such as Plam, TVX, Pepino, or ToFBR. Every virus is, of course, slightly different, but it is always about the correct dosage. We measure the dosage very simply with an instrument in real-time. And, perhaps more importantly, we know how to measure the effect on a virus.”

Account manager Damian van Dijk adds: “A number of the CleanLight products are handhelds. These units are standardly packed with instructions in 7 languages, with safety goggles and gloves in the box. These products are now proving to be very interesting for healthcare personnel and informal carers who combat the COVID virus.

Aiking continues: “Of course, you can buy all kinds of ‘UV sanitizers’ from China. Just take a look around on Google. Still, most people prefer European products, with clear instructions. Customers are happy to buy from a company that has been fighting viruses in horticulture for 15 years. We now supply to a few large hospitals and even a few active public transport companies. That is our contribution”.

Meanwhile, CleanLight has even developed a website that provides information about the possibilities of disinfecting UV in combating the coronavirus. “Yes, horticulture is and will remain our sector, but we now share our 15 years of experience in fighting viruses with the concern for the control of the coronavirus,” says Aiking.

This article is a translation of a Dutch article published on Goedemorgen Roos.