The use of CleanLight as a non-chemical alternative for post-harvest control of Botrytis is quickly gaining popularity. Rose bunching machines, for example, are already fitted with our lamps. Karel van Hattum of Jamafa, one of the world’s leading suppliers of cut flower sorting and packing machinery said: “We have fitted our bunching machine with UV lamps to help growers deliver a cleaner product to their customers. But this requires a lot of expertise. Dosage is important. And, of course, worker safety is the top priority. We must comply with ACGIH rules. This explains why Jamafa only works with tried and tested suppliers with experience and expertise in the field of UV Crop Protection.”

In vegetables such as strawberries and tomatoes, there are yet additional regulations to consider when preventing losses to Botrytis: HACCP forbids the use of glass lamps in the food industry, because the use of glass bulbs may possibly result in the contamination of a consumable product, with glass shards. So, we were very pleased when we were able to offer HACCP-proof solutions to growers in Holland, Mexico, Spain and the US.

With regards to medical cannabis, we see a trend towards drying more slowly, for the purpose of quality preservation/enhancement.  That means we have to keep the product free of Botrytis during a lengthy drying process. Germicidal UV systems such as we supply are ideal for stopping Botrytis.

If you wish to know more about the possibilities and the im-possibilities with your crop, please know that our team of specialists would be very pleased indeed to assist you.

Arne Aiking,