Children carry all kinds of viruses and bacteria, which is unavoidable. Keeping Covid-19 out of school doors, therefore, seems almost impossible. But, unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to properly ventilate classrooms and other areas. With cold temperatures, wind, or rain, ventilating with the windows open isn’t a pleasant option. And even if good circulation were possible, there is still the chance that tiny particles floating in the air contain the coronavirus. 

Other health complaints due to poor air quality

Did you know that a lack of fresh air can also cause other health problems? Complaints include headaches, chronic colds, shortness of breath, and burning eyes. Asthma and allergies among children are on the rise. The indoor climate in schools is often more polluted than is thought. This is not surprising because there is hardly any natural air circulation in well-insulated schools. Harmful particles, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi, are ‘locked in’ this way. And not only students are affected by this, employees too.

Kill the coronavirus rapidly

The popularity of UVC air purifiers has therefore increased considerably. CleanLight, leading UVC supplier since ’05, already developed the CleanLight Air in 2010. One CleanLight Air unit is enough to purify the air in an indoor space of 100m3. With 3 units, you can disinfect a space of 300m3, and CleanLight provides systems in the HVAC. For larger indoor areas, bigger air disinfectants are possible too. The UVC light damages the DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria, and fungi that float in the air. This damage ensures that the micro-organisms no longer divide themselves and therefore die. More studies show that UVC light disables the coronavirus rapidly. In addition, the units are easy to assemble and do not take up much space.

An investment in health and the future

A safe and comfortable indoor climate is crucial. It ensures better concentration, less suffering from unhealthy air complaints, and a safer feeling in general. In addition to preventing corona outbreaks, it also reduces the risk of long-term absenteeism of staff and students. So air purifiers will remain helpful and a good investment in the children’s health – even when the threat of COVID-19 has diminished – and an investment in the future.