With the current virus pressure, growers would like to disinfect their harvest trolleys properly. This is also the case with Brian Leenders of Van Gog Nurseries. However, he decided at the beginning of this year that things had to be different. The reason: damage to harvest carts. The solution: dry disinfection with UV.

In January this year, after yet another harvest cart repair bill, Brian decided to compare sanitizing options. Until then, the grower used chemicals, as many growers still do. Unfortunately, however, the chemicals provide damage to the harvest carts. And these damages costs labor and money to fix it.

Disinfection is now an essential part of the hygiene protocols against, among others, the Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) and the Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV). Regular disinfection limits the risk of the virus spreading via harvest trolleys. However, Van Gog Kwekerijen is now going to do that with UV. Brian: “This is a dry disinfection method, so it will not damage our harvest trolleys.”

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