Seed cultivation presents many challenges: plant diseases and pests sneak up on crops. Some conditions even penetrate the seeds so deep that they transmit diseases. Think of fungal, bacterial, and virus diseases.

Safe and natural disinfection

Chemicals kill these diseases (partly), but their use is not always desirable. In organic farming, the use of chemicals is not even allowed. But did you know that there is a safe and natural way to disinfect edible seeds from viruses, fungi, and bacteria without the use of chemicals? This disinfection can be done with UVC light. A method that CleanLight has used since 2005 for crops disinfection.

The power of UVC light

UVC light is one of the three types of UV rays. It is less known, and the electromagnetic radiation isn’t visible to the naked eye. Because UVC light damages DNA and RNA of micro-organisms – such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi – they can no longer divide themselves and die. This way of treatment is highly suitable for microbiological disinfection. This method is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and food processing – like edible seeds.

Full side treatment

The challenge when handling small products, such as sesame, chia, quinoa, and poppyseeds, is reaching the product all around. UVC light has no penetrating power and only works on the surface. Treating all sides of small products can be solved by installations with vibrating belts or a vibrating gutter so that the UVC light can shine on all sides of the seeds – customized UVC light installations that CleanLight supplies.

Curious how this works? Check CleanLight for more information.