Keeping flowers free of Botrytis during bloom, means lower losses at the time of harvest.


This grower controls powdery mildew on kitchen herbs without leaving any residue.

Working with a CleanLight Hobby Unit in the Urban Garden.


This rose grower treats the top and the sides of his crop. Even better results.

When using a CleanLight Pro we recommend the safety glasses (In the box).

Each path in the greenhouse is treated daily to stop pm on these roses.

Note the extension cord. But it’s only 12 Watt.

Replacing a chemical spray on windy or rainy days.

Wearing goggles when inspecting these lamps. Not necessary while driving.

Keeping height growth in check. And restoring natural vitality in the crop.

Works best during the day. But can also be used at night.

This French customer wanted to drive fast. Powerful lamps. Big generator.

Treating against Phytophthora not daily. But on each humid warm day.

Sprayboom without spray nozzles. For ever more growers the future is today.

Disinfection of plant trays.


Disinfection of harvest carts.

Disinfection of plantpots.

Keeping young plants healthy.

Babyleaf without Botrytis.

  Disinfection of growing tables.

Disinfection of rolling tables.

  Denmark. 2006. Grateful.