What is the difference between The CleanLight Air versus Other Air Purification Systems?

Comparing the CleanLight Air to other “run of the mill” air purification systems you may see at a big box stores, is like comparing a garden hose to a fire hose. The CleanLight Air is a professional grower grade system for serious growers.

Why do these growers choose the CleanLight Air over other products?

There are major differences between the CleanLight Air and other units. The CleanLight Air has a 60 Watt XL bulb made by Phillips. The bulb is around a sixteen inches long. Compare this to the lower wattage lamps, the size of a smart phone, found in the “run of the mill” air purification systems. The size and strength of the lamp within the CleanLight Air ensures that the near elimination of air borne spores, bacteria and viruses.

The other characteristic that sets the CleanLight Air apart, is the design of the unit. The cylinder shape of the unit allows for better air flow and more exposure of the germicidal properties of the lamp to bacteria, viruses and spores in the air.

Professional growers also choose the CleanLight Air because of the quality of the unit. Other purification systems are made in China with cheap components. The CleanLight Air is manufactured in the European Union with high quality components.

The CleanLight Air is also completely programmable. It also comes with a Ebm-papst fan, 3m high air flow particle filter and air ionizer.

Your crops are extremely valuable to you protect them!

You are considering buying CleanLight products for one of three reasons: you have had powdery mildew & botrytis problems in the past, you have powdery mildew problems & botrytis problems, or you are taking proactive measures to prevent powdery mildew and botrytis problems.

Why waste time and money on inferior products?

Your plants are extremely valuable to you. Protect them with a grower grade air filtration system engineered, tested and manufactured in the European Union.